Royalty Free Stock Clipart by Toonaday

  1. Woman Running from a Bar on a Declining Profit Graph
  2. Male Business Man Standing at a Podium, Discussing a Colorful Pie Chart
  3. African American Man Looking at an Unreadable Graph Chart
  4. Increase Arrow on a Graph Chart, Going Right Through an Employee Man
  5. Businessman with a Spiderweb Connecting His Nose to the Unsed Phone, Business Is Slow
  6. Man Employee Running from a Bar on a Declining Graph
  7. Caucasian Business Man Viewing a Chart with Binoculars
  8. Caucasian Business Man Tied to a Plumeting Arrow
  9. Caveman Pointing to a Chart
  10. Businessman Praying by a Decline Business Chart
  11. Successful Cartoon Businessman Riding on a Graph
  12. Happy Cartoon Businesswoman Presenting a Bar Graph
  13. Cartoon Business Woman Watching a down Turn Arrow
  14. Cartoon Businessman Going over a Bar Graph
  15. Satisfied Businessman Smoking a Cigar at His Desk, by a Chart
  16. Businesswoman Running from a Crashing Chart
  17. Cartoon Caucasian Businessman Running from a down Arrow
  18. Cartoon Caucasian Businesswoman Presenting a Bar Graph
  19. Caucasian Businessman Reading the Stock Market News
  20. Black and White Praying Businessman by a Failing Chart
  21. Black and White Blindfolded Man Unicycling down a Graph
  22. Black and White Happy Businesswoman Presenting a Bar Graph
  23. Black and White Businessman with a Messy Chart
  24. Black and White Chart Crashing into a Businessman's Foo
  25. Black and White Worried Businessman Going down on a Plummeting Graph
  26. Black and White Satisfied Businessman Smoking a Cigar by a Chart
  27. Black and White Happy Caveman Executive Pointing to a Chart
  28. Black and White Businesswoman Riding on a Decline Chart Arrow
  29. Black and White Businessman Cutting a Hole in the Ceiling for His Profit Chart